Basic Information Concerning Infertility for Couples

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Every couple desires to have a child, and when this desire fails, questions are to be asked about if both or either is infertile. The infertility of a person is described to his or her inability to contribute in the process to conceive a child. Note that there are several reasons leading to the infertility of a person. Fortunately, there are medical help available about this concern. In the case of the women, those who are fertile would experience regular menstrual cycles which relate to a period of ovulation before and after the menstrual cycles. Those women who are categorically infertile do not have regular or no menstrual cycles and have varied period of ovulation. A couple is describe to be infertile when after a year of successful intimacy without any protection is still unable to conceive.

For those couples who cannot conceive and have not conceived are categorized under primary fertility, while those couples who have conceived once successfully but unable to do so again are under the category of secondary fertility. Read more about Infertility in Couples from According to statistics, one out of every seven couples experience the inability to conceive. It is also a fact that women become less fertile as they grow of age. It is said that the total infertility cases with problems related to men is around 30-40%, and the infertility cases with problems on the side of women is about 40-50%. Said to be the most common causes of infertility are ovulation problems, factors related to age, there is tubal blockage, there are problems in the uterus, tubal ligation in the past, male related infertility, tuberculosis, and other infertility situations that cannot be explained.

If couples are not able to achieve pregnancy every a year of unprotected intimacy, they are usually advised to get medical examinations. They can go to a doctor who specializes in the field of infertility, and this professional will conduct tests for both partners to be able to determine the problems leading to infertility. Examples of tests for women are body temperature test, ovulation period, x-rays of fallopian tubes and uterus and laparoscopy. For men, semen count and the analysis of it is being focused.

Conventional methods like drug therapy and surgery are the usual treatment for the 85-90% cases of infertility. There are also other surgeries that are complicated like IVF that are performed for the other percentages of couples. Read more about Infertility in Couples from It is observed though that among couples that visit a doctor for treatment, around 20% of them can actually conceive without medical help, and this is because their inability is due to stress and anxiety. Statistics also revealed that fifty percent of infertile couples do conceive after two years of undergoing treatment. Be aware of these reported several factors that can increase the probability of infertility, and these are smoking, drinking, drugs, environmental hazards, medications and surgeries, treatment for cancer, health conditions, and other problems like mumps, hormone imbalance, and kidney problems. Learn more from


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